Please note that we do NOT do any free consultancy as the work of our proficient specialists is charged accordingly

Consultancy on your immigration issues to immigrate to Europe, Ukraine, Canada or USA.

We offer services on your profile assessment for your goal-country and provide assistance by consulting you the exact steps to undertake to get the desired visas and/or Residence Permit for you and your family.

About us

Your Euro Way main mission is to provide service to estimate possibilities for work, education doing business and immigration to the European Union, Ukraine, Canada and USA.

Our specialists are ready to provide you assistance in choosing the best possible way to work, study and live in the EU, Ukraine, Canada and USA.

  • Search the market for business partners,
  • Check their legal status
  • Find you proper acting business for your business immigration purposes
  • Help you opening your companies and /or arranging your business representation.
  • Open a company in Europe
  • Buy a company in Europe or Ukraine
  • Assist in getting visa to European Union country (Schengen visa) and in getting residence permit in Europe (including preparation of documents for application for Visa and residence permit in Europe)
  • Consult how to leglally immigrate to Europe or Ukraine;
  • Consultations on migration, work, study and life in Europe, Ukraine, Canada and USA;
  • Documents translation (in all European languages including Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian);
  • Business representative services;
  • Create, maintain your web-sites and keep them updated;
  • Find you proper office spaces and premises in Europe;
  • Legal consultations on employment of foreign nationals in Europe, Ukraine, Canada and USA;
  • Legal consultations on setting up and doing business in Europe, Ukraine, Canada and USA (business immigration);
  • Consultations and assistance on all issues related to visa, approval of invitation letters and many other issues;
  • Consultations on citizenship in Europe, Ukraine, Canada and USA;
  • Assistance in arriving to Europe and Ukraine;
  • Other migration services;

We offer only proved and transparent cooperation, guarantee the clarity and quick response

We assist in opening companies of different types and forms, particularly:

  • Public corporation;
  • Limited liability company;
  • Private company;
  • Non-governmental organization;
  • General partnership;
  • Limited partnership;
  • Association;
  • Fund;
  • Branch office;
  • Representative office;
  • Small community.


Immigration is the process of changing the residence place by shifting on permanent or temporary residence to another country for some reason.


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