Business in Europe

Business in Europe is known for its flexibility, profitability, effectiveness and order. It’s not a secret that the Europen Union has a loyal tax systemstable legislation and all the necessary conditions for doing business with enormousmarket.

Investing in Europe and Ukraine

Investment is the main source of employment, knowledge and competitiveness, with a great effect on economic growth of a country.

Recent years migration became quite popular, with people shifting from their residence to achieve their goals through study, work, doing business etc. Over the past year one of the trends is the migration to European countries, Canada, USA and Ukraine (when it comes to good education at acceptable prices).

If you wish to invest to European country or Ukraine we will help you find reliable partners and provide you with all necessary information about available investment programs.

A highly developed infrastructure, convenient geographical location, and many other reasons make European Union the sought after opportunity for foreign investment.

Reasons why it is efficiently and profitably to invest in Europe and Ukraine:

  • A large number of university graduates;
  • Western culture;
  • Speaking many foreign languages​​;
  • Loyal employees;

Transfer business to Europe and Ukraine

We provide:

  • Registration of representative office in Europe and Ukraine
  • Registration of company in Europe and Ukraine
  • Sales of ready business in Europe and Ukraine
  • Business for sale in Europe and Ukraine, commercial real estate and living quarters in Europe and Ukraine.

Ready-made business or starting a new one?

Why a ready-made business better than starting a new one?

Enterpriners wish increase their income and broaden access to the large economically developed market of Europe with over 500 million inhabitants.

Buying a ready business is a unique opportunity to get straight down to the brass tacks without any delay, extra efforts and additional costs.

The advantages of buying a ready business:

— saving effors and time for arranging permits, certificates, renting premises, finding an accountant, etc .;

— saving effors and time for promotion of goods or services to the local market or entire EU market;

— saving time for finding responsible employees, potential customers, partners.

Yet buying a ready-made business may be of a financial danger. It is vital to have proven and legal information about the wanted business.

Advantages of small and medium-sized businesses in Lithuania

If you decide to run business not only in your native country, but also international business, so it’s not necessary to invest lots of money. Business in Europe gives you an opportunity to get residence permit, to do business, to travel across all European Union countries without any barriers or restrictions.

By having a company in Europe or Ukraine and the residence permit you can get a loan in the bank or get property in leasing.

Minicredit can be granted both for production and commerce. The loans are given for working capital and investment projects.

Some banks propose “Minicredit”services.  The loan amount ranges from 30 000 to 125 000 Euro, and could be provided for maximum 4 years period.

Thus an expant has all necessary conditions for starting and running business in Europe or Ukraine, including the ability to buy property on lease, and get bank loan for the company’s development.

Business in Europe or Ukraine allows you becoming the master of your life and bring joy to live in Europe.

There are also great opportunities to invest in construction business, including renovation of buildings.

Company registration in Europe and Ukraine

Reasons to register company in Europe and Ukraine and get residence permit in Europe and Ukraine.

Ready business in Europe and Ukraine provides many great opportunities:

  • Easy process of doing business in Europe and Ukraine
  • Reliability
  • Anyone can do business, regardless of nationality, citizenship, education
  • Provides stable income with reasonable investment 
  • Perfect conditions not only for doing business in Europe and Ukraine, but also for education and life in Europe and Ukraine for you and your children
  • You can get residence permit through the company registration
  • Confidence in your future
  • High quality of life
  • Free medical care, the same social benefits as citizens

On other business and life opportunities of doing business in Europe and Ukraine, as well as on the advantages of residence permit in those countries contact our business-consultants for more details

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