Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main business of Your Euro Way project?

We are well known international consulting company.

We propose all kinds of legal business assistance for your business.

Our specialists chose and offer the best possible option for you.

Our main countries for immigration process are countries of the European Union, Ukraine, Canada and USA.

What is the procedure for getting residence permit in Europe and Ukraine?

Your first step is to define your ultimate goal: study, work, business or just immigration.

Second step is to pay our consultancy charges in a convenient manner.

Send the email that includes bank’s confirmation of your paying the consultancy fees and the information about you in the form of CV (Resume) pointing your demands and needs.

Our project specialists will estimate your chances and offer you the best choice available meeting your intentions requirements.

Specialists of our company will organize the procedure of selling ready company for you and assist you to get temporary residence permit in a European country for 1 full year. In 4-6 months after applying you can arrive to the European country and get your ready documents, including the residence permit.

Visa to Europe? How to get it visa?

If you want to get long term visa to Europe, you may start your business by opening the company which help you to get residence permit for 1 year and stay without any obstacles during this period.

Can I work after getting residence permit?

If you register a company and start real business in Europe and Ukraine, you can freely work in your company without any permits or other obstacles.

How much do we harge for our services?

We charge $49.99 for general consultancy and $99,99 for a particular steps to achieve your goal. Charges for extra services are negotiatable upon request.

When should I make payment and how?

We do any consultancy only after the charges are paid. All details about our project could be found at https://youreuroway.com/contacts or at https://youreuroway.eu/contacts

Which documents do I need for the process?

To start the process of immigration to Europe you need valid international passport and releavant photos. The rest of the documents would be prepared by our specialists. Your wife or even business partner will be able to become shareholder of your company and get residence permit as well. Children under the age of 18 can come along and get residence permit automatically. For more detailed information contact our project’s specialists.

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Business–consultant Steve on all the matters regarding, Canada and USA:

e-mail: steve@youreuroway.com

Business–consultant Martin on all the matters regarding Europe:

e-mail: martin@youreuroway.com

Business–consultant Helen on all the matters regarding Ukraine:

e-mail: helen@youreuroway.com

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