Immigrate to Czech Republic

Immigrate to Czech Republic

Life in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a modern country with high living standards, extensive social security, and an accessible healthcare system, as well as very good educational opportunities. Below is a short overview of accommodation, healthcare, and education for expats in the Czech Republic. With an increasingly multicultural population, the Czech Republic has approximately over a half a million foreigners living.

Healthcare: A Strong System

There are no particular health risks for expats in the Czech Republic. Healthcare facilities provide high standards of treatment. The Czech Republic has a good infrastructure of public and private hospitals and doctor’s practices.

Expats prefer to rent rather than buy property in the Czech Republic.

Employment in the Czech Republic

Located at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is conveniently positioned for business and trade — ideal for expats.

The Czech economy is heavily dependent on exports, as well as having a growing service sector which makes up approximately 60% of the national GDP.

English is widely spoken.

The Czech Republic is a particularly attractive location for both foreign employees and many international businesses due to its central location within Europe with good transportation and infrastructure links.

Other advantages of working in the Czech Republic include a skilled workforce and an open economy.

The Czech Republic has several key industries, including motor vehicles, engineering, steel production, pharmaceuticals, and more. The automotive industry accounts for around 28% of the Czech manufacturing output and is the country’s largest single industry. Besides the automobile industry, beer is a cornerstone of the economy; the Czech Republic is Europe’s sixth largest beer producer.

Work Opportunities in the Czech Republic

The country’s thriving tourism sector provides many opportunities to work in the Czech Republic; jobs in this field are often suitable for foreign workers that speak languages other than Czech.

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