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Europe is one of the wealthiest, most influential, and most diverse parts of the world, so it’s no wonder that you might think about moving there. Europe includes over 40 nations, only some of which are in the European Union (EU). Each individual country—whether it’s inside or outside the EU—has its own rules and regulations for moving there, so make sure you do lots of research on the procedures before deciding where to move. You also need to make many practical and financial preparations well in advance of your move

If you move to a member state of the European Union (EU), obtaining legal residency status will permit you free movement throughout all member states. And, if you gain citizenship status in a member state, you’ll generally be able to relocate to other member states with relative ease.

Each EU member state sets own regulations for residency status and the citizenship process. The EU itself doesn’t grant citizenship.

No matter which member state you move to, expect the process of obtaining citizenship to require a good bit of time (usually several years), money, and bureaucratic red tape.

Evidence clearly shows that immigration provides significant economic benefits. Country citizens get older and population density decreases, and skilled immigrants help support stability inside the country and increase the raise of economy. There are a lot of good reasons for immigration. The main one is economic and social motives when migrants are shifting for a country with more favorable living conditions and opportunity to have the adequate income, low corruption and crime level, better geographic location, favorable conditions for doing business, lower taxation, stable legislation, etc.

There most popular reasons for immigration are as following:

  • doing business;
  • work;
  • get education;
  • live in a country with favorable political, social, cultural and economic conditions;
  • family reunification;
  • get another country citizenship.

Primary immigration to Europe – driven by labor needs. Nowadays immigration to Europe, when residents of countries with low economic and social standards of living wish to move to more industrialized countries and provide perspective future for their families. For the last decade Europe has become the most important center for immigration. All European Union countries represented 18.6% of global imports and exports, although it is only 7% of the world population. The majority of Non-European Union countries’ citizens immigrate to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, as well as to the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and many other. Europe’s population is set to decline over the next 50 years. Italy will lose 28% of its population by 2050. In order to maintain its working age population, Italy would need to start importing more than 350,000 immigrants per year or, alternatively, keep its citizens working until they are 75.

Immigration to Europe allows free movement across countries of the European Union.

Business immigration runs through opening/buying a business to get temporary or permanent residence permit. Immigrants help develop small and medium-sized businesses. The more stable consumers, the more benefits business and society gets. Eventually, business immigration help improving labor standards in a country of receipt. Business immigration is especially attractive for financial, tourist and information-communication technologies, as it is capable to raise competitiveness of local market internationally.

The developed infrastructure, a convenient geographical position, multilingual country’s population and other characteristics provide favorable conditions for business immigration.

Nowadays immigration to Europe has become very popular. Most popular ways of immigration are:

  • Business in Europe
  • Labor contract (only available for qualified specialists)
  • Education in Europe,
  • Marriage with a local resident.

The easiest and fastest way for you to immigrate to Europe and get residence permit in Europe is to open or buy a business in Europe. For the European Union countries the process of immigrants flow into a country runs through business immigration being the main way for investment attraction, which positively influences the economy. However, each European country has its own rules and requirements for business immigration and residence permit.

Some countries (mainly developed European countries) put forward high requirements for business migration.

Amount of minimum investment is quite small, monthly business expenses are low, yet granting you the same opportunities after getting the residence permit.

Business immigration to Europe

Immigration to Europe is the process of moving to a permanent place of residence in a country of the European Union.

Do you dream of living a full life, enjoying beautiful nature, lying on the seashore, and be always safe? It is high time to think about business immigration in Europe.

Business immigration – registration/buying of companies or opening of a representative office abroad.

Many businessmen are interested not only in favorable conditions for running business and to have the opportunity for the residence in the European Union. One of the best options is residence permit in Europe on the basis of business migration.

The ways of business immigration to Europe differs from country to country.

Investment immigration program

Investment immigration program allows citizens of another country to get permanent residence permit or citizenship on the basis of investments, made into the country economy. Investments should be directed only to the positive impact on the economy. Each country has its own requirements for getting residence permit on the basis of investment program.

Most often, this program is interesting for rich people (wealthy businessmen), who can get residence permit or citizenship of another country by investing in the economy.

Residence permit holders on the basis of investment program have right to get permanent residence permit or in some countries – to get citizenship.

Investment program is directed to attract more foreign investments, as it helps to reduce not only the state debt but also to create additional work places, what reduces unemployment and restores the economy. Nowadays a lot of countries are just trying to implement investment immigration programs, offering to get a permanent residence permit, but only a few countries offer possibility to get citizenship by investment immigration programs as immigration through investment.

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