Immigrate to Germany

Immigrate to Germany

Move to Germany if you want to be in Europe’s economic engine. Germany has several vibrant, modern cities, strong manufacturing and technology sectors, and more cultural diversity than you might initially assume.

Iif you want to immigrate to Germany, you should invest more than 250 thousand Euros and create minimum 5 work positions.

Germany offers to obtain residence permit for one year on the basis of business migration, and in case of successful business activity there is an extension of residence permit in Germany for 3 years.

While Germany isn’t all modern hustle-and-bustle, it may not necessarily provide the more laid-back lifestyle you may find more of in southern Europe.

Germany offers several types of visas, as well as numerous types of residency permits for people who want to stay for longer periods of time.

While many Germans speak English and other languages, take the time to learn at least basic German before moving.

Visa to Germany

Depending on your nationality, if you are on transit you need a transit visa or an airport visa. It allows staying only in the international zone of the German airport. In case you leave the airport, even for one day, you would need to get a Schengen visa.

The Schengen visa allows entering Germany (or any other country of Schengen zone) for up to three months (90 days) during the six-month period. After entering Germany on a Schengen visa, you can not change it to a residence permit or extand it while being in Germany, except for some special cases. You will have to leave Germany and apply for a residence permit abroad, and then come again.

Residence permit in Germany

If you want to stay in Germany for over 3 months for any reason you must apply for a Schengen visa and residence permit in Germany before you arrive in the country (except for the countries exclusions for which a visa is not needed).

• The most common is the residence permit, which, as a rule, is issued for one year extandable provided that the residence permit reasons have not been changed due to work, marriage, study, and so on.

• The EU blue card is a residence permit with extended conditions for highly qualified migrants and their spouses.

• Permission to reside in the country permanently is granted by the permit for settlement and permanent residence permit. Usually granted after 5 years of uninterrupted residence in Germany, in some cases it is issued for highly skilled workers immediately, while for other categories – after 2-3 years of residence in the country.

The kind of residence permit depends on the reason of your coming to Germany, wheather it is education or work or doing business etc. You need to meet general requirements; including having a valid passport and being able to prove your financial means to stay in.

Most people must apply for a residence permit via embassy or consulate of Germany in their native country.

Work in Germany

If you are a citizen of a country in then you have the right to work in Germany without restrictions.

All the other nationalities except for the EU, EEA or Switzerland, can work in Germany only with a valid residence permit. There is no need to get a separate work permit in Germany – this information is indicated in the residence permit itself.

Study in Germany

You can get a residence permit in Germany for 9 months on the basis of study in Germany, or for a longer period for a full term of study. It will be necessary to prove that you have the necessary financial means for the study period and speak enough German.

Permanent residence in Germany

After several years of residence in Germany you can apply for a permanent residence permit. A permanent residence allows staying in the country for an indefinite period and you get the same rights as German citizens, except for the right to vote. In case you want to become a German citizen, you must meet certain requirements and apply for naturalization after 8 years of residence in Germany.

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